• Renée Landell

My South Asian Heritage

Looking Back on South Asian Heritage Month:

Running from 18th July – 17th August, South Asian Heritage Month seeks to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian cultures and histories. The month begins on the 18th July, the date that the Indian Independence Act 1947 gained royal assent and ends on the 17th August, Partition Commemoration Day.

We asked three South Asian people to share their thoughts on their family, heritage and culture.


This month of recognising the achievements and sacrifices made by the South Asian community reflects the progress of Western multiculturalism but we must continue to highlight our accomplishments. During and even after the British colonial occupation of the region, South Asian populations have found methods to adapt, persevere and showcase cultural triumph.

Through entertainment, cuisine, sports, technology and other mediums, the South Asian community and the diaspora continue to symbolise progress and achievement. However, we as South Asians continue to face hostility throughout the West and we also continue hostilities with each other. The South-East Asian region has faced numerous political, social and cultural clashes and oftentimes has led to a loss of lives.

Nevertheless, we continue to tackle the obstacles set out in front of us and because of this, our society must appreciate the sacrifices made by the community both at home and across the diaspora for this great month. #MySouthAsianHeritage


Here is a photo of my great grandma and great grandad. They came to the UK in the 1950s after Partition and created a life with their five kids and never gave up! They provided my grandma and her siblings the best life ever and me. For that, I am always grateful. #MySouthAsianHeritage


I am Sadia Chaudhry, I study English Literature at Queen Mary University of London and I am a part-time tutor. I believe our South East Asian heritage is very important as it reflects on our history and illustrates the progression of our culture.

Heritage helps examine our customs, as well as developing self-awareness. Moreover, it is a part of our culture which influences our opinions on politics, society, education and worldview. Therefore, celebrating the intangible expressions of culture such as traditions of allows us to keep these meaningful thoughts and opinions fresh in our minds. #MySouthAsianHeritage