Discussions and Debates

We facilitate debates and discussions centred on issues pertaining to POC. Through open-floor conversation, panel discussions and debates we seek to help students explore a diversity of perspectives, increase students’ awareness of and tolerance for ambiguity or complexity, help students recognise and investigate their assumptions, to provide a space for students to voice their own experiences and beliefs and​ help students learn the processes and habits of democratic discourse. We have covered a range of different topics such as Colourism, Islamophobia, racial exclusion, lack of diversity in the Arts, hate crimes and vilification which we hope to revisit, as well as explore a several other pressing themes.


Beyond Margins is passionate about building and providing a strong network of BAME professionals, students, staff and local services both in house (at universities/schools) and external, across business and in the public sector. We host several themed networking events which are designed primarily to address issues faced by people of colour across various industries and organisations. Our networking events include interactive panel discussions, keynote speakers, performances and workshops run by and for BAME people. So far, Beyond Margins has helped to connect several students and staff for mentoring purposes; several students with professionals for career advice as well as personal and academic projects; and finally our networking events have been the setting for creating new friendships among several BAME students, around 40 whom are now apart of our large working social group. 



School Outreach

In the UK today, there is an entrenched link between a pupil’s background and their access to higher education. The UCAS Multiple Equality Measure shows that 1 in 4 of the most advantaged quintile of English 18 year olds enter highly-selective universities compared to only 1 in 50 pupils from the most disadvantaged quintile. Using outreach as a way of reaching the next generation of BME, international and other disadvantaged, yet high achieving students*, this program aims to dismantle the common anxieties about higher education (such as self-doubt, funding, racial/religious inequality, making new friends and much more). We can provide motivational talks, performances, workshops etc., on the importance of understanding and practicing racial and religious equality and inclusion; and how that can help your own, as well as others’, experience of education. We believe it is important to interact with students on a personal level by giving them the opportunity to ask all the difficult questions and to share their concerns as ethnic minorities about their academic and professional future.

*These sessions, however, are not exclusive to disadvantaged or ethnic minority groups as we believe that it is important for all students to understand the importance of racial and religious equality in and outside the classroom.

Training and Development

We collect feedback data from BAME students and use it to design strategies for improving racial and religious equality, diversity and inclusion in Higher Education. We work with a number of professional on-site services such as the Careers service, Race Equality Charter, BAME diversity staff network, schools and departments, Violence and Harassment working group all at Royal Holloway, University of London as vocal participants in policy making, and effective intervention. It is our hope to work with many other or similar services at other Universities in and around London and the South East. Beyond Margins also provides mentoring services, pairing BAME staff with BAME students (informally); we provide editing and proofreading services, Career advice and personal support.